Will Ripple become the future Amazon of crypto world?

Very popular and talked blockchain company – Ripple – announced about its plans of their application sphere expansion. From now on they intend not to limit with cross border payments in cooperation with country and multi-national banks.

Ripple had focused its efforts solely on cross-border payments for the past five years when Brad Garlinhouse has been announced as the company head executive Ripple had been dealing within recent five years.

At the same time they decided not to rest on the success in the sphere of being software solution provided to financial organizations and continue developing in their core values direction related to the development of their crypto XPR and Ripple blockchain.

Thoughs on Ripple’s future

In his interview to “Financial Times” Ethan Bear the director of Ripple development department mentioned that the company plans to shift from “writing cheques to writing code” and concentrate at the promotion of new apps created with the help of Ripple network.

Garlinghouse is sure that someday their blockchain platform will become as efficient and popular as high profile cryptocurrency and becomes “the Amazon of the cryptocurrency world

“Amazon started as a bookseller and just sold books. We happen to have started with payments. Two years from now, you’re going to find that Ripple is to payments as Amazon was to books.”

Moreover Ripple continues with the creation of the development tools aiding to check all options of Ripple network. Earlier the platform had been working with finance related solutions only.

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