USD value will decrease? Predictions from Ripple’s Garlinghouse

Assessing the situation in the word for recent period and the issues the companies have to run into after pandemic, Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse mentioned the following.

In his recent tweet he wrote that “The pandemic is throwing so many playbooks out the window”.  And the latest stone to such situation had been the article from the Wall Street Journal on the U.S. Federal Reserve aiming to keep interest fees low at the account of inflation level growth.

“Now the market situation has all the signs of USD value decrease so people will turn more and more attention to assets diversification and crypto market  mentioned Garlinghouse added.

Since the beginning of pandemic prevention measures in March, the U.S. economy  had dropped down. High jobless claims, money printing, business closures and a plethora of other factors have created a giant puzzle when it comes to uprighting the struggling scene.

As interest rates and inflation hold make part of two main  measures the U.S. government used to keep economy in tact so further BTC  implementation is just a matter of time.

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