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Although everyone is now interested in BTC bull trend, the developers breaking their heads on how to make Bitcoin more convenient to the casual public. 

Last week, Bitcoin tech startup Blockstream issued principal version of c-lightning, its implementation of the Lightning Network. The release has got the title “Rat Poison Squared on Steroids,” at the example of Warren facetiously referencing Warren Buffet’s comment that Bitcoin is “rat poison squared” and that investors will lose everything is they invest in it. 

Of course, c-lightning’s developers do not consider in such a way as they are working hard to make BTC payments faster and more convenient. New release is treated as the future of Bitcoin and can attract more users which avoided using it in their businesses and daily payments.

Let’s check what new release offers

Multi-part payments (MPP)

Multi-part payments (MPP) is considered to be the main feature which will make the user experience better. Sometimes payment shows an error when the software can’t find a user. It is specifically topical when it goes about big sums. And the payment will show error in case if the liquidity is not enough. 

MPP allows efficient splitting of payments into small parts for efficient sending by thus making payment receipt more secure 

According to Blockstream Lightning engineer, Rusty Russell’s words said in an interview to CoinDesk, the most evident advantage of a new Lighting release is the option to use multi-part payments.

He mentioned that the option of MPP has to be available recently but for this moment the developers have finally fixed the issues which had been related to the sending side.

The option of MPP has been discussed during Lightning developer summit in 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. 

Watchtowers fight fraud

Watchtowers are a fraud-fighting component of the Lightning Network, which is now at the stage of creation and is designed to monitor the security of user’s BTC in the Lightning Network. If the system detects cheating the cheater is penalized. C-lightning will ease the work of watchtowers.

The plug-in in c-lightning tops up additional functionality to the c-lightning node the same way as plug-ins in other software, such as the Google Chrome. 

The Lightning watchtower has been named the Eye of Satoshi 

Coin tracking for taxes

According to Russel’s interview with CoinDesk, C-lightning has made the ground for the creation of a tool monitoring all user coin movements.

Such an option will be handy for those who are worried not to pay extra taxes to the IRS.

This release note mentions the start of works on this aspect. The next step will be making this option available to casual users.

For other improvements be sure to check release notes 


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