Two and half million BTC left for mining. What about the future?

As there are only twenty one million BTC existing in the world only 2,5 remained for mining

In its tweet, the research company ChartBTC mentioned that the Bitcoin network already overcome the mark of 18.5 million BTC being in circulation meaning that 2,5. million BTC, or about 11.9% of the total Bitcoin to be generated has left in circulation.

ChartBTC mentioned half of the remaining 2.5 million BTC will be extracted within mined next four years. Since the genesis block back in 2009, the Bitcoin network has already passed three halvings, while the third halving took place in May this year. As the issuance of new coins drops to twice every four years, the last Bitcoin should have been extracted around 2140 with no options to mine more.

Taken from ChartBTC

As it had been previously mentioned, a group of eight Crypto Valley experts thought the last halving to differ from the past ones due to the intention of more people to store their assets in BTC.

Since the beginning of 2020, the demand for Bitcoin from whales had been growing on a constant basis. New survey data confirmed that whales intend to grow their Bitcoin assets irrespectively of the price fluctuations.

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