Twitter Poll: The Majority of Investors Is Optimistic About BTC

Cryptoglobe source informs that a Twitter poll conducted by a well-known analyst company PlanB explicitly demonstrates a bullish mood among crypto investors. So, 51 per cent of them voiced their confidence in the fact that Bitcoin will crack USD 100.000 level no later than December, 2021.

A poll conducted by the company earlier this year demonstrated the significantly less optimistic environment. In July, the USD100.000 level was predicted by 40% of the investors took part in the poll. This mood is explained primarily by BTC bullish race the crypto currency has demonstrated recently.

The trend is explained by the investors’ concern in saving their assets due to SARS-COV-2 pandemic and related world economic crisis. So that, USD can face significant decrease in value which will cause drop in equity values. A significant part of them regard investing in cryptocurrencies as a “safe harbor” for their savings. For instance, MicroStrategy, a billion-capitalized intelligence company has already invested USD 250 mln. in Bitcoin. Rayoul Pal, a former GoldmanSachs official, assumes that cryptocurrency might become a proper way for investors to protect their funds during the periods if USD falls.

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