TOR drawbacks may cause BTC theft

TOR browser vulnerabilities will give hacker lot of options to steal BTC via Dark Web.

Recently announced research says that hackers detected vulnerabilities allowing them to steal BTC from the wallets of users, who apply TOR browser.

Just to mention that TOR has been made by US authorities for secret Internet connection and since has been used for privacy protection purposes. Such features have made it popular among the dwellers of Dark Web. So many members of crypto society use it for BTC transactions conducting.

Below is the screen of user with the nickname nusenu confirming malicious Tor exit capacity controlled by a malicious player.

Though, according to this user statement such selection is far from being good as TOR secures users confidentiality by transferring the data by means of various relays. These relays are the last step and very few people see TOR user true destination. Since January the intruders have launched great number of such relays. The peak had been registered in May and reached 23%.

The actions, done by such relays, are also known as “person-in-the-middle” attack.

Industry experts say like that:

“They perform person-in-the-middle attacks on Tor users by manipulating traffic as it flows through their exit relays. They (selectively) remove HTTP-to-HTTPS redirects to gain full access to plain unencrypted HTTP traffic without causing TLS certificate warnings.”

Nusenu convinced that the hackers’ main goal was crypto related websites. The thieves just replace users BTC wallet addresses to their ones ad root BTC to their wallets:

“It appears that they are primarily after cryptocurrency related websites — namely multiple bitcoin mixer services. They replaced bitcoin addresses in HTTP traffic to redirect transactions to their wallets instead of the user provided bitcoin address.”

The summer has been marked by the hacking drop down for 10%. Though according to The number of relays controlled by the hacker has gone down to about 10% as of August. While the researcher has informed some affected Bitcoin services of the vulnerability, we do not know how much Bitcoin has already been stolen by the hackers.

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