Top three digital asset platforms that actively add De-Fi tokens to their listings

DeFi tokens are growing in popularity and trading exchanges react to the growing consumersdemand accordingly adding them willingly to their listings. When the Block Research analyzed the information concerning types of tokens added to different trading platforms, they revealed the preference of some companies to digital assets of decentralized projects. It turned out that cryptoexchanges Binance, Poloniex, and FTX select DeFi assets more often than others. Let us look at a leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which has enlisted nine out of thirteen tokens associated with decentralized finance projects. It includes, for instance, such platforms as Compound and Maker. Then in the Tier1 we can see FTX, which enlisted six coins of DeFi projects, while Poloniex closes the top with its eleven DeFi tokens.

As for the popular digital asset trading platform Coinbase, it offers only 4 DeFi tokens, including mentioned above Compound, Maker along with Ox and Kyber. The investigation didnt operate the data of Tier3 platforms, which added almost all existing DeFi tokens due to their low liquidity and instability in terms of trading volumes.

It’s also worth mentioning that all tokens increase their price considerably after being listed on Binance or Coinbase. It can rise, for example, by 30, 50% and even more.

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