The US Army report says the army of North Korean hackers threatens the security

The US Army came up with a report saying about the North Korean division of hackers that includes 6000 professionals. According to their information, the offices of the division are located in several countries from Belarus to China, including also Malaysia, India, etc.
It is stated that the operations of 4 subdivisions are supervised by the so-called Bureau 121, which is a special cyber warfare unit in the country.
The report was aimed at revealing the North Korean tactics, which doesn’t have adequate IT infrastructure to launch the cyberattacks in their country, therefore the country deploys its subdivisions abroad to achieve their goals.
One of the divisions, for instance, works only over the financial cybercrimes. Financial Crime Unit is the largest of them. It is called the Bluenoroff Group. 1700 of its members are involved exclusively in cryptocurrency fraud and theft.
Lazarus is the most famous group of hackers in the Bluenoroff Group, which stands behind the hacking attacks of cryptocurrency exchanges and ransomware WannaCry.
The report says that the mission of the division is the creation of social chaos and the use of the vulnerabilities of the enemy’s network to steal its funds when the regime orders to do it.

Previously, it was reported about the cybercriminal activity of this group that targeted the companies from the USA and South Korea sending them coronavirus emails and infecting their system to steal crypto coins. The report also says that hackers use the untraceable privacy coins for the conversion of stolen funds into fiat money.

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