The United States accused five Chinese citizens of cyber attacks on hundreds of companies and cryptojacking

The US authorities have accused five Chinese citizens of participating in a fraudulent scheme that has targeted more than 100 companies around the world. In addition to stealing data, hackers also infected computers of victims with ransomware viruses and engaged in cryptojacking, according to documents from the US Department of Justice.

According to law enforcement officials, the alleged hackers worked for the Chengdu 404 front company, which was allegedly involved in cybersecurity.

They used a number of known vulnerabilities to break into companies’ systems.

Businesses from the USA, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Japan and many others have become victims of hackers.

Following the indictment, law enforcement officers received arrest warrants for websites, domains and servers associated with the attackers’ activities.

Some of the accused are suspected of having links with the hacker group APT41. Analysts believe the attacks are being funded by the Chinese government.

Prosecutors have also indicted two businessmen from Malaisia for conspiring with the members of the group mentioned above to profit from attacks on video game companies. They were arrested in Malaysia, while the USA is seeking their extradition.

Earlier the US authorities accused two citizens of the Russian Federation of stealing $ 16.8 million from clients of crypto platforms.

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