Telegram ceded GRAM to an American startup

Telegram followers, meanwhile, continue to develop TON ideas.

Telegram representatives decided to dismiss the lawsuit against the American startup Lantah LLC, whose team used the GRAM trademark within the business (the name corresponds to the ticker of the cryptocurrency that the messenger wanted to release as part of the TON blockchain project).

According to media reports, an American court ordered Telegram to cover Lantah’s legal costs. The amount of the payment is unknown – representatives of the companies must independently resolve this issue. Notably, Telegram has retained the right to file lawsuits related to the use of the trademark by other companies.

What is the essence of the conflict?

The legal proceedings between the messenger and Lantah began in 2018 – against the background of the company’s active work on its TON crypto project. The reason for the conflict was the use of the name GRAM by the team of the American startup. Lantah representatives drew attention to the fact that they used the name before the information about Telegram’s plans became available to them.

Despite this, the messenger team decided to defend the GRAM trademark in court. Telegram representatives explained their decision by the fact that they suspect Lantah of trying to organize the sale of digital assets with the same name.

The dismissal of the lawsuit between the parties is connected with the decision taken by the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov to stop work on TON.

However, the project didn’t die. A group of crypto enthusiasts decided to continue work over the initiative. According to Pavel Durov, real TON employees have nothing to do with them.

A new platform that used the technical solutions of the Telegram crypto-initiative acquired the name Free TON. The Free TON Community includes, among others, TON Labs, which have developed application solutions for the closed TON blockchain. At the time of this writing, the project’s social networks are active. In addition, Free TON is expanding its team of employees.

The company is looking for developers

Nearly 7000 members have now joined the Free TON community. The developers used the technical documentation and Telegram open source code for its development.


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