Switzerland: One Of The Largest Swiss Banks To Enter Cryptomarket

Bitcoin.com informs that Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) which belongs to Top-10 of Swiss banks is launching its crypto service in the form of crypto trading and custody to enter this market. The bank is going to render these services through its subsidiary body – Bank Cler. Total assets of the Bank are estimated on the level of USD 49 billion as for June, 2019.

The officials of the Bank point out that this decision has been taken in order to satisfy the needs of their younger clients who feel more and more enthusiastic about investing in crypto currency.

What concerns other significant Swiss banks, some of them announced the similar services in the late 2019. They have been supporting transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other crypto currencies.

The revival of vivid interest of banking structures to the crypto market is caused by permanent impressing increase of Bitcoin rates during 2020 as well as by permanent growing interest to crypto currency from the social strata which have not been deeply engaged in its turnover: alongside with the young people who are investing more and more proactively in them, women, minorities, older people and others are inclined to be more involved in such activity.

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