SpaceChain performs the first multisig blockchain transaction in space

The ambitions of SpaceChain do not have limits. It tests the quality of blockchain connection in space. SpaceChain came up with a press-release saying about the first successfully performed blockchain transaction in space. At this, the hardware equipment on the International Space Station (ISS) was employed for the operation.
The company announced that the blockchain transaction mentioned above that was actually completed in June but for some reason, the information about this wasn’t revealed until now. SpaceChain wouldn’t be able to perform it without joint work with the European Space Agency that helped with equipment and delivered the financial and administrative support of the project.
The deal was performed by Jeff Garzik who co-founded the company and takes the position of CTO in it. He said that the event marks the advancement to the goal set by SpaceChain, which tries to develop an open-source satellite network based on blockchain.
During the transaction, the data was encrypted and transmitted to space from the earth. Previously, a hardware wallet with a key was brought to the IIS that successfully signed the transaction upon receipt. The experiment was conducted also to make sure that the connection between the blockchain hardware and ground infrastructure is good enough even if the wallet is located in the space at the moment of the operation. The hardware wallet technology was brought to the IIS with a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in 2019.

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