Sologenic – the first major DeFi ecosystem on Ripple blockchain

Ripple’s efforts of creation of the global ecosystem around its coin proved to be very effective. It became known about the integration of Sologenic ecosystem to the XRP blockchain. Sologenic has become the first major ecosystem that joined the platform. The infrastructure of the company connects the real markets with blockchain assets.

The tokenized system is tradable around the clock with its tokens that are found on over 30 global platforms scattered throughout the world. Sologenic DEX is created on top of the XRP ledger. There the customers can trade their crypto assets against SOLO or XRP. Mining and PoW-mechanism are not necessary for transactions. The burning mechanism is employed for the SOLO token and 100% of its fees is burnt. The process of burning helps to create low supply and increase the value of coins.

The token suits perfectly for cross-body transactions and easier investment opportunities for people. The deployment on XRP ledger is rather convenient for Sologenic. It helps to concentrate on its functionality without thinking about the underlying technology. The speed offered by the XRP ledger gives many benefits to Sologenic users who are able to process transactions within 5 seconds. It enables almost immediate tokenization of assets and effortless trading without delay.

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