Singapore bitcoin broker convicted of stealing $267,000

In Singapore, a court sentenced a 29-year-old cryptocurrency broker. Jaromel Ji Ming Lee was accused of involvement in the theft of $267,000, according to The Strait Times.

Ming Li met two accomplices when he was doing bitcoin brokerage. In April 2018, they learned that a Malaysian citizen had come to Singapore to buy $365,000 worth of BTC (about $267,000).

The broker instructed accomplices to rob the investor. They attacked a man in a hotel room, beat him, and took a bag of cash.

At the trial, Ming Li confessed to one of the charges – a criminal conspiracy. He was sentenced to three years in prison and 12 blows with sticks.

The case of the second member of the group is pending. His ex-wife confessed to receiving and embezzling the stolen money. The third attacker confessed to the robbery.

Let us remind you that in August an Australian court sentenced the hacker to a real term for stealing 100,000 XPR. In January 2018, she and an accomplice hacked into the mail of her namesake and stole assets, which she transferred to one of the Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges.

Previously, two Canadian citizens received 24 months in prison. Disguised as employees of the HitBTC exchange support service, they stole 23.2 BTC from the user.

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