SegWit transactions overcome 80% in Litecoin network

80% of transactions on the Litecoin network are carried out using the Segregated Witness protocol, while for Bitcoin this figure reaches only 50%. This was announced by the creator of “digital silver” Charlie Lee.

A chart from analyst firm Blockchair shows that the gap between BTC and LTC widened sharply in the first quarter. Since then, the share of SegWit transactions in the Litecoin network has continued to grow, while that of Bitcoin has continued to decline.

Lee noted that one of the main reasons Bitcoin is lagging so far is the fact that the operator of the leading BTC wallet has not yet added support for SegWit.

At the same time, Litecoin demonstrates the best daily result in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by capitalization, according to CoinGecko. The coin gained 2.7% while more than half of the leading digital currencies are in the red.

LTC capitalization exceeded $4.1 billion, which allowed the coin to displace Bitcoin SV from the eighth line of the rating. Over the past month, the price of cryptocurrency has increased by 51%.

At the end of July, analysts at startup Veriphi concluded that widespread use of SegWit since the technology launched in 2017 would have saved 36,685.72 BTC (~ $434 million).

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