Russian passport data can be bought in DarkNet

Many Russians have turned their attention to dark net after the voting with the help of blockchain as their data had been accidentally leaked to thieves after  July voting.

Now any wisher can purchase the passport data from from 1.14 million Russians in the Dark Net. This data had been taken from the citizens who voted for Constitution amendments with the help of blockchain technology.

According to Russian media Kommersant, which quotes the information given by the thieves more than 30000 lines of a document with data had been already sold. The price of each line is $1.50 each, but might be decreased to 1USD if to purchase in wholesale.

Moreover the information in passport data will allow buyers to find out credit history, home addresses, and company names registered by each person whose passport data has been sold.

The information accuracy has unfortunately been confirmed after the receipt of text file with the information on some stolen passports, while the file

The authenticity of the data was confirmed by the local media outlet after receiving a text file containing some of the stolen passport data.

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