Russian Authorities to Prohibit Anonymous E-Wallets Deposits Used for Cryptocurrency Trading

It is reported, that the Russian authorities are about to prohibit to effect money transfers between anonymous e-wallets. This step might concern more than 10 million online wallet users who are involved in e-money turnover within the country.  It is explained by the necessity to counteract funding of terroristic and extremist structures as well as to hush up illegal drug traffic.

Online wallets are currently wide-spread in Russia. Some of them rated at Nasdaq – like YandexMoney (NASDAQ:YNDX); foreign e-money systems like PayPal are also quite popular there.

A plenty of people use them to buy or sell cryptocurrency which has become very actual due to recent skyrocketing of cryptocurrency market in July and the first days of August.

The consequences of this initiative are still unclear and the pundits are for the development of the situation.

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