Ripple criticizes YouTube for its decision to ignore scam warnings

After numerous warnings about XRP giveaway scams YouTube didn’t undertake any actions, so Ripple decided to sue the company for it. The cryptocurrency company calls this behavior ‘willful blindness’.
There are many videos on YouTube site with Ripple’s logo and its head Brad Garlinghouse for promotion of scams, which ask viewers send their XLR and promises to return a larger amount. After people sent their funds, they could forget about their money.
The video service filed a motion saying that it didn’t participate in the scam scheme and can’t be responsible for it. In the opinion of YouTube, the service can’t be in charge of third-party content.
As Ripple assures, the scam videos have affected the reputation of the company negatively. The customers lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of unwillingness of the video service provider to act despite the warnings sent by Ripple. There were about 350 notices about the scam but the company didn’t react to them. In the opinion of cryptocurrency system, the service was interested in this content since it earned money on it. These earnings should make the company responsible for scam.
It should be mentioned that there are companies that also want to sue the service for Bitcoin scam videos. One of these companies is Apple with its founder Steven Wozniak.

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