Research: 49% of crypto-exchange traffic comes from only 3 sites

In accordance with conclusion of the Block analysts, Binance became the most visited cryptocurrency trading platform in July 2020.
The figures of research say that Binance accounted for 22.6% of traffic in July. In the second place, is the Coinbase exchange with 20.3% of traffic. The third place was taken by the BitMEX trading platform. In July, it obtained 6.2% of the total traffic.

Traffic distribution among digital asset exchanges in July. Data: SimilarWeb

The researchers concluded that 49.1% of the traffic of the entire digital asset market is spread across three trading platforms. According to The Block, in July the traffic volume of exchanges grew by 12.7%.

It is noteworthy mentioning that the results of the study differ significantly from the indicators of the trading volume of exchanges according to the adjusted data of the CoinMarketCap resource. For example, the OKEx platform ranked fourth in terms of traffic level is on the 16th line only. And Indodax that closes the top 5 is located on the 36th place in the rating of exchanges according to the adjusted data of the trading volume CoinMarketCap.

Coinbase and Binance, at the time of writing, are the top 3 exchanges for aggregate trading volume in the spot market. BitMEX, in its turn, is ranked second among derivatives-focused digital asset exchanges.

Top 10 derivatives exchanges. Data: CoinMarketCap

It’s worth reminding that the CoinMarketCap service belongs to Binance. Information about the deal appeared online in April 2020.
Recently, the market researchers came up with the report naming the top of exchanges with the biggest amount of laundered Bitcoin and Binance entered it as well.


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