Polkadot DeFi developers might obtain a new oracle provider

Distributed storage project Bluzelle will launch the cooperation with the Web3 Foundation to make their oracle system compatible with the Polkadot decentralized finance ecostructure.

The project formally informed recently that it would integrate its services with the Polkadot network and mentioned specifically its price oracle application that could be used in DeFi projects building on their network

Bluzelle is a distributed database system having a set of validators, the task of which is to secure the validity of the data and associated changes. The project has recently moved to the oracle space, by applying its database core to add extra functionality over existing solutions like Chainlink (LINK) or Band Protocol.

The developers say that this application contains historical data that can be requested on-chain and applied for prices statistics assessment. This can aid to avoid market manipulations as smart contracts can use the historical data as a base for verifying the current ones

Bluzelle works on a blockchain on Cosmos basis with a confirmed 10,000 transaction per second throughput. It is considered to be cheaper than doing on the solutions built on Ethereum.

Polkadot has an interoperable-centric vision  making bridges to other blockchains. Some of them are planning to launch the cooperation Bluzelle — a project built on Cosmos, which is considered to be the closest Polkadot competitor.

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