Peter Brandt is not very optimistic about crypto for the moment

Peter Brandt — the CEO of proprietary trading firm, Factor LLC mentioned that if he is faced with the selection of traditional and crypto investment for the moment he would have chosen the traditional one. While he added that the selection of fiat currency depends on the currency. He went on to note, however, that it all depends on people’s choice of base currency.

Brandt made clear that he is mostly interested in U.S. dollars having simultaneously mentioned about his further plans.

“Right now I think the opportunities are greater in the equities market than they are in the crypto market”.

Brand had been in traditional market trading since 1976, and built Factor LLC in 1980, decades before the invention of blockchain technologies.

Stacking sats displays the information about crypto participants having assets in BTC and using them for trading and multiplication. Much of the industry participants treats assets as a hedge or store of value, which makes think that US dollar role is not as valuable as it has been before.

Mainstream assets have soared in 2020, so Brandt’s opinion should not be treated as a core one.

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