People talk: Google Ads can’t protect from crypto scams?

Casual users are surprised how so reputable company can’t provide basis protection for the users of their services?

One of Uniswap users issued the message stating that the decentralized exchange users might be at risk due to new Google ad.

The tweet of crypto influencer and You Tuber BitBoy  from August 11  mentions the following:


He tagged Google’s Twitter accounts, he added:

“Google you should be ashamed. Whoever runs GoogleAds is FAILING MISERABLY. On YouTube where scammers get ads through and now on your own platform.”

Continuing his post BitBoy says that when user enters in Google search line “UniSwap”, it brings back to ad link in the first line of search results. After clicking this ad user is re-directed to the web site which is similar to Uniswap but asking for the seed phrase of crypto wallet.

This means that in case if user mentions the security phrase the funds will be wired to the thieves wallets. As BitBoy says one of his companions lost 30 thousand US dollars this way.

The fact of scam alerts has made Uniswap extremely popular among crypto society members within recent weeks.

The clone of Uniswap is not the first hackers’ attempt to overcome Google’s protection. You Tube has suffered from such attempts as well. Some video say that viewers can get more crypto in case if they send some coins to specified address- the old crypto scam maneuver.

Unfortunately the fight with such scams has caused the closure of some legitimate You Tube channels since December 2019.

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