Over 1000 illegal mining farms shut down in Iran

Iranian energy company Tavanir stopped the activity of 1,100 farms that worked without a license. The unauthorized cryptocurrency miners were exposed due to whistleblowers’ information who received the reward for it.

The company noted that some miners were actively using the electricity provided on preferential terms, but in general, the level of consumption changed slightly. Tavanir admits that it cannot identify all illegal miners based solely on the analysis of electricity consumption, so it has to rely on the information obtained from whistleblowers.

In July, the company announced the launch of the program that aims to reveal illegal miners. It promises a reward of 100 million riyals ($ 480) for reliable information about such miners.
According to Tavanir, some miners install the equipment in existing industrial and agricultural complexes that already use significant amounts of subsidized electricity. For this reason, the energy analysis is not always effective.

In July 2019, the Iranian authorities recognized cryptocurrency mining as an independent activity. When miners launched their mining farms, they started complaining of high tariffs. Those who could get access to cheap electricity took advantage of the opportunity.

According to Cointelegraph, the illegal mining penalty is $ 2,000 – 5,000 per piece of hardware, plus $ 20,000 if concessional electricity was used.

Earlier it became known that Tavanir is ready to reduce tariffs for legal miners.

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