Opinion: the US Fed gave green light to Bitcoin growth

The members of the crypto community believe that the inflation of the US dollar will trigger the growth of the market of digital assets.
America will continue to print dollars in an effort to improve the country’s economy. After analyzing the plan of the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) that was presented by its head Jerome Powell the media came to this conclusion that a further rise in inflation is inevitable. According to the views of the members of crypto community, it will positively affect the position of digital assets.

Charles Edwards, the analyst of Capriole Investments, believes the Fed’s policy will flood the market with US dollars. This strategy, in his opinion, will negatively affect the position of the American currency.

The followers of Charles Edwards’ microblog, in their turn, drew attention to the fact that inflation can be beneficial for those who invest in Bitcoin. The analyst agreed with this point of view.

The chief strategist of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange Pierre Rochard also drew attention to the prospects entailed by the FRS policy. It opens new opportunities for the members of the crypto community.
He noted that Jerome Powell can earn thanks to the policy chosen by the regulator through investments in bitcoin.

Yang Li, a popular investor in the crypto community, also agreed with the opinion that the Fed’s strategy will positively affect the position of the digital asset market.

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