Opinion: Bitcoin will unite countries into a federation

  • Not all investors see the prospects for short-term growth in the BTC rate
  • Bitcoin hit record numbers this fall
  • Crypto community members analyzed Bitcoin’s prospects

    The most capitalized cryptocurrency – Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at around $ 10,000 at the time of writing.

    Most of the other cryptocurrencies from the top ten capitalization of the CoinMarketCap resource are also showing negative dynamics.

    Data: CoinMarketCap

    It is noteworthy that despite its loss of price, the average daily hash rate of the cryptocurrency reached its maximum value at a height of 156,364,761,518,986,067,968.

    Data: GlassNode

    Also, BTC users have updated the annual maximum value of the average daily transaction volume.

    Data: GlassNode

    PlanB, a popular analyst in the crypto community, in turn drew attention to a new record for the number of Bitcoin users with at least 0.1 BTC in their accounts.

    According to PlanB, a federation of countries will form in the world over time, similar to the union of states in America or the countries of the European Union, in which bitcoin can become the national currency.

    Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss has also spoken out in support of Bitcoin. In his microblog, he wrote the following:

    “If you don’t have Bitcoin right now, your behavior is similar to opening a long position in the US dollar and simultaneously opening short positions in BTC.”
    Tyler Winklevoss

    The “golden beetle”, renowned bitcoin critic Peter Schiff, entered the discussion. He agreed that investing in the US dollar is not practical. At the same time, the right choice, in his opinion, is investments in precious metals.

    Against the background of the stagnation of bitcoins around the $ 10 thousand mark, participants of the crypto community drew attention to the prospects for further movement of the coin rate. For example, the popular analyst DonAlt noted that the growth of a digital asset above $ 12 thousand, implemented in August, can be seen as a deviation from the main channel of movement of the cryptocurrency rate. As a result, the support line around $ 10,500 turned into resistance – a level that the coin would have to overcome in order to enter the growth.

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