Oasis Blockchain Network’s Data Program attracts 20 worldwide known Universities

The Oasis Foundation has aired a new University Program, uniting blockchain friendly universities like Oxford and Cornell.

Blockchain and data science societies from some of the world’s most prestigious universities became the part of blockchain infrastructure providers like Bison Trail and founded the Oasis University Program.

The program, plans to emphasize and popularize the Oasis Network in frames of this student society ecosystem. The Oasis Network is a proof-of-stake blockchain with the function of data tokenization and monitoring of the persons having access to it.

As Jernej Kos of the Oasis Foundation mentioned:

“Universities will have the opportunity to foster the growth of a broad and substantive ecosystem focused on building a responsible data economy.”

He said that university teams will have the possibility to launch local events, participate in tutorials on innovative technologies such as secure computing, distributed systems, and machine learning, and take part in the long-term planning of the network.

The founders are the blockchain societies from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, along with Berkeley, Cornell and other internationally known Universities.

At the same time Professor Dr. Philipp Sandner, director of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center told that it concerned about the Oasis Network’s combination of blockchain benefits with data privacy aspects. Ad this aspect has prompted his group to “run a node, participate in the network and use it for applied research and practical education.”

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