New device to check mental health and blockchain technologies. How everything is related

Hashgraph has launched a partnership with the Chopra Foundation aimed at the development of a mental health platform. This platform is designed to scale to 1 billion users within five years. The platform’s initial aim is the prevention of suicide but in future it should be turned into expanded mental wellbeing network.

If to take the information from press release, the “Never Alone Initiative” will “serve a global community, delivering secure access to scientific research, the work of mental health and wellness experts, and pragmatic tools and practices for everyday use.”

Cointelegraph journalists asked Hashgraph CEO Mance Harmon if the fact of Deepak Chopra’s accusations on the promotion of pseudoscience and quackery has influenced somehow its partnership. Harmon admitted the fact of knowing some uncertainties about Chopra’s methods and added, “I think that the platform that is being created can be of value.”

Harman is sure that in case of success the Hashgraph and Distributed Ledger Technology will get more popularity and use cases.  The Hasjgraph technology will be applied for content authentication, consumption monitoring, authors’ remuneration with a token. The development unique design is the main advantage in comparison to other blockchain technologies having difficulties related to storing large size files.

Hashgraph’s Hedera Consensus Service or HCS that serves as the base layer settles the transactions by observing consensus. The Chopra Foundation will also launch own nodes for data storage. The authors say the following on this:

When the content gets created, it gets hashed and the hash gets submitted to the HCS, gets its timestamp and then gets streamed back to this private network that stores everything.

Despite a lot of questions about Chopra’s teachings, he is an undoubted salesman (the professor of marketing at Columbia University Business School). Experts think that even in case if one tenth of plans will be implemented it will be a great success.

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