National Laboratory Los Alamos to use AI for detecting illegal mining

Los Alamos National Laboratory, partly owned by the US Department of Energy, has developed a system, using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect illegal mining.

In a statement, representatives of the laboratory emphasized that attackers often break into mainframes of educational institutions for illegal mining. The system that uses AI to compare graphs is specifically designed to detect the illegal use of supercomputer power for mining cryptocurrencies.

“Just as criminals are caught comparing curls of their fingerprints with records in databases, so the new system based on artificial intelligence compares the outlines in the flow control graph of a program with a directory of graphs for programs that are allowed to run on a given computer.” in the article.

At the same time, the developers recognize that the system may not be suitable for all use cases, but it will be a good tool for computer security professionals.

Recall that, as reported earlier this month, the largest ASIC miner manufacturers have returned to the idea of ​​producing chips for artificial intelligence due to declining mining profits.

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