MyEtherWallet presented the ETHVM blockchain explorer

The developers of the Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet have launched their own open source EthVM blockchain explorer. Reported by The Block.

MyEtherWallet expects EthVM’s open source and simple architecture to appeal to new users. According to the developers, the solution will be more transparent and convenient in comparison with the analogs of Etherscan and Ethplorer.

MyEtherWallet developers started working on an open source solution last year. They submitted the beta version of EthVM on August 25, 2020.

Earlier, MyEtherWallet added the Fiat Out service to the wallet. The service is available to holders of bank accounts with an international number.

Users of the Blockchair platform were able to assess the level of privacy of bitcoin transactions. To do this, the developers added the “Privacy-o-meter” metric to the functionality – the key to tracking the chain of transactions on the blockchain.

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