More than 92% of Bitcoin holders have gained profit

About 92% of BTC holders bought coins at a lower price compared to the current one.

The number of cryptocurrency addresses with coins purchased above the current price is growing rapidly in the wake of a widespread bullish trend.

However, not all cryptocurrencies are created equal. The rise in prices also affects the costs of transactions. The rise in commissions on the bitcoin network spurs the transition to SegWit. Almost two thirds of payments now use this format.

More than 92% of all bitcoin holders bought their coins at a price lower than the current one.

Some digital assets outperform Bitcoin in terms of profitability. These are mainly coins launched after 2017 crypto mania. Such coins as SNX, VET, LINK, CRO attracted the attention of speculative traders in 2020 and, as a result, broke through their highs.

IntoTheBlock revealed the data that 95% of ChainLink, addresses are in the green at present. At this, 94% of VeChain holders also purchased their assets at a cheaper price compared to the present moment.

Finally, the vast majority of SNX asset holders are very happy with their investment, as the coin has increased by 2320% over the past 12 months.

At the same time, there are assets that suffered most during the 2018 bear market. For example, only 77% of ETH addresses are profitable. Things are even worse for LTC, Dash, and ADA. Here, only 55%, 56% and 57% of addresses benefit from the purchase, correspondingly.

As mentioned earlier, the bullish trend leads to higher transaction fees. Ethereum suffered the most in this regard. There is a significant increase in gas prices. DeFi popularity means more online activity.

BTC is no exception in this regard. The charts say that the fee for BTC transactions has become about $ 6.50 at the beginning of August. Increasing prices stimulate speculation.

The number of deals is growing, and they are all competing for a place in the block.

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