Miners fight for 4 million token prize

Filecoin, a blockchain-based decentralized storage project, announcing about testing stage of its’ project Space Race aimed at checking the network before mainnet start.

Together with testing stage Filecoin launches competition. Within next three weeks miners will have the chance to win four million Filecoin in prizes allowing to use as much network storage as possible. The contest begins on August 24 at 10 pm UTC.

The top 100 miners around the world, and the top 50 miners from each continent, will get the chance to employ earned Filecoin rewards for the mining in mainnet depending on the amount of storage they use during contest time. The progress can be monitored on the testnet main website.

Moreover, top 20 winners on the largest block remuneration will share additional 100K FIL depending on the size of won block. Based on Filecoin info more than 240 miners from six continents are announced for participation.

Molly Mackinlay, IPFS Project Lead, said, “Filecoin would be nothing without its robust and passionate community.”

This project got $257 million USD during ICO in 2017 and continues its development.

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