Microsoft Reports Cut Down On Cryptojacking Attacks 40%

Microsoft has revealed its report which tackles the issues concerning crypto transactions safety at the end of 2019, as reported by It informs about decrease of cryptomining encounters by 40% from 2018. Microsoft also outlines that activity of frauds in this sphere strongly correlates with ups and downs on the global cryptomarket and value of the most significant cryptocurrencies.

Cryptojacking, according to Microsoft analysts, generally is committed as follows. Fraudsters penetrate a user’s software in order to gain access to the equipment. This allows to start mining cryptocurrency illegally using the owners’ hard and soft. Basically, it decreases productivity and performance of the attacked systems and their users notice that they work slower than before without any evident reason.

It is quite danger that the attackers might also abuse the hacked systems in criminal purposes.

Among the countries with the highest cryptojacking rates are: Ethiopia, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. The minimal vulnerability has been detected in Ireland, USA, Japan and Norway.

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