MetaMask adopts a new license trying to protect the wallet from “free-riders”

The MetaMask browser extension, a widely used ETH wallet service, is going to adopt a new software license. The head of the team explains the reasons for it saying that this is done to protect their product from free-riders and competitors. Though the blog post doesn’t name any of them, Jacob Cantele leading the project cites Brave as an example.
MetaMask was originally licensed under MIT regulations allowing third-party developers to freely dispose of their code, with very few limitations. Under the new license,the entities with over 10,000 monthly active users will no longer be able to use the software for free.

The MetaMask developers want to be fairly-compensated for their efforts to be able to evolve the software further. It will remain free for the end-users, the access to MetaMask APIs hasn’t changed. The developers will still have access to copying, modification, and distribution of the code that is still available in the open repository. The participation in the bug bounties is also welcome by the company. But those who participate in the project for further commercial use should discuss it with the MetaMask team. So if you want to earn on MetaMask product, get ready to share.

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