Major Chilean bank shuts down all branches after ransomware attack

Chile authorities have issued state alert warning about the consequences for everyone claiming ransom from Chilean companies.

Banco Estado, the only state bank in Chile and one of the largest in the country, had to stop its nationwide operations recently due to a cyberattack the ransomware launched by REvil.

Based on public information, the branches will not work at least one day, but mentioned that the customers’ funds had not been affected.

Based on ZDNet information the authors of the attack are   REvil ransomware gang. The malware appeared from an Office document, opened by the bank employees.

Bank has informed Chilean authorities about this incident and they issued a cyber-security alert informing about a massive ransomware campaign targeting the private sector in the country.

Despite the verification by IT experts  at Banco Estado, bank representatives told that casual transactions will not take place on Monday supposing that the damage might be greater than expected.

REvil is popular for auctioning data stolen in their attacks, presenting them on their website in Dark Net. Monero (XMR) is the payment way for ransoms.

In one day Banco Estado managed to relaunch 21 of its branches in the country and provide limited capacity services for deposits and remittances, but closed them again in couple of hours.

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