Love, espyonnage and crypto

New details of love affair between Butina and Byrne, which has caused his resignation from the post of Overstock CEO

Recently the investigation group of Russian Senate has presented fifth pack of investigation materials of the Russian role in the influencing of 2016 elections. These materials confirm the role of  the former CEO of and well-known crypto advocate Patrick Byrne in this process due to the fact of his love affair with Maria Butina, who is currently imprisoned on the accusation of  the espionage  for the benefit of Russian Federation.

The love affair between Butina and Byrne has become the reason why Byrne resigned from the post of  Overstock  CEO last year. There are the facts Byrne had been cooperating with U.S. intelligence. Based on the information from his friends Byrne has been a convinced bachelor who fell in love with Butina and wanted her to give birth to his child:

“Since meeting Maria, he has found ever more creative ways to pitch a standing $1 million offer to her ‘to have a baby with him.’ He is utterly enamored of her imagined gene stock and believes that a baby would cement not only his familial line but also relations between our two nations.”

New report reveals additional details of their meet-up at a libertarian conference, and mentions that BTC has been uniting factor:

“Butina did not convey her interest in Byrne at FreedomFest to the Committee, noting that ‘someone was talking about Bitcoin, and there were some fresh ideas that I wanted to discover,’ but not mentioning Byrne.”

Though there is an opinion that Byrne has not been the main target. The report says that Erickson and Butina treated Byrne as the way to get access to another Republican presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul.”

Report also provides information that Russian intelligence used crypto for interfering with US presidential elections results in 2016.

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