Litecoin to Release Debit Credit Card with Visa support

Litecoin Debit Card (LTC) with Visa support is released by Block Card.

Charlie Lee, the founder of blockchain project, mentioned that this is their second attempt, after a complete failure with LitePay, earlier (the failure was the consequence of the LitePay going out from the project).

He also explained how Litecoin Debit Card is different from other crypto cards of this currency. By using this card, users will be able to perform depots in twenty of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including all major blockcoins.

“Currently Litecoin based other crypto-debit cards exist, but they only provide a refill in LTC with a conversion of the media. This card is initially sharpened under LTC and will allow you to store the medium in a cryptocurrency, which is converted into a fiat, which is switched off at the moment of payment.”, said Charile Lee

Those, willing to get a Litecoin Debit Card, can submit an application for receiving it. The service itself will be enabled some weeks later.

Despite the madness of DeFi projects, Litecoin remains in the top ten of the best coins by market capitalization and has one of the largest.

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