Larger Bitcoin transactions on Lightning are cheaper now

Specialists call the release a significant milestone for the Lightning network.

LND has developed support for Wumbo channels thus making it possible to deposit bigger amounts into the network channels and send larger transactions. Wumbo is a ready-made technical solution that makes the cost of larger transactions cheaper, hence the fee for Bitcoin transactions becomes lower.
It’s worth reminding that the size of the Lightning channel was reduced on purpose. The developers wanted to avoid the problems that could arise if something goes wrong. The limit was 0.1677 BTC but now this restriction was lifted after 2 years of extensive testing. The blog of the company says that the software is ready to serve the needs of advanced users, node operators, and enterprises.
Additionally, the developers also informed about the experimental backups for database replication resuming channel operations in case of failures. The company does everything to improve the work of the system in terms of safety and reliability.

Wumbo allows you to expand your limits. It is noteworthy that the developers borrowed the name of the technical solution from an episode of the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. In it, one of the characters came up with a synonym for the word “big” – Wumbo.

According to Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs, development has become a symbol of progress. The specialist noted that Wumbo will simplify work with large bitcoin transactions. The technical solution is available to all users, companies and node operators in the cryptocurrency network.

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