Just Swap on Tron Blockchain was flooded by fake tokens

Fake assets in the listing have been noticed by both users and issuers of genuine tokens. You can find them through the search bar along with real coins.

The LOOPREX Project (LOOPmanagement has publicly urged the exchange to identify the real address of their contract.

Affected users demand from the exchange a refund of money spent on fake tokens. The Chinese edition of Odaily cites messages from clients who are trying to form groups to protect their interests.

Tron creator Justin Sun came up with an explanationAccording to himJustSwap has not yet implemented the fake token filtering mechanism used on Uniswap.

He promised that the function will be added soonand until then the exchange can guarantee the authenticity of only three tokens: JSTUSDJ and USDT.

Sun added that the projects presented on JustSwap have nothing to do with him personally and Tron. At the same time, he did not miss the opportunity to report an incease in trading volumes on the platform up to $3 million in the first hours of work.

To determine the authenticity of an assetusers need to manually verify the real address of the contract with the one listed on the exchange.

PreviouslyUniswap faced the problem of fake tokensThe reason for this was the free listing practice, allowing anyone to add their asset. 

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