JPMorgan: old people invest in gold, young people in BTC

The investment bank analysts informed about the flow of capital to the cryptocurrency and precious metals market and expanded on the topic which assets experienced investors sell and young purchase.

The analytical report of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank says that during the course of existing crisis the bank customers’ preferences vary depending on their age. According to Business Insider, young people prefer Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, while older prefer gold.

“Those two groups have different preferences. Old prefer gold, while young prefer BTC”

JPMorgan informed.

Analysts mention that within recent 5 months the capital flow to both markets increased. Moreover the investors preferences vary in case of shares. Millennials purchase high tech companies shares, while old people sell them and invest free capital into bonds.

In June the JP Morgan analysts informed their customers that BTC will get the status of new class asset but it can hardly become single calculation unit or secured assets for capital saving. It is more evident that it will remain the subject of speculations.

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