Instagram To Face the Same Fraud Danger as Twitter Do

Coindesk informs that Instagram faces the same scam and fraud threats that has become evident for Twitter the last month. The quantity of posts with hashtag #Coinbase has exceeded 1.3 million which might be regarded as an index of inauthentic users’ behavior. Instagram has placed its own post dedicated to the matter in order to inform its users about fraud and scam treat.

Despite this fact, Instagram has been developing its own networking cryptocurrency platform. It has become especially spread in Latin America. A plenty of businessmen there prefer Instagram to communicate with their customers. The majority of users there prefer to use Instagram via mobile devices, so, the company pays much attention to mobile friendliness of their app. Apart from this, Instagram is going to open customer support for Europe this August. In order to obtain more confidence for the European users, the experts anticipate that Instagram will ensure authentic accounts protection.

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