Indian farmers became connected to UAE food industry with the help of blockchain

Agriota E-Marketplace might provide Indian farmers greater access to the UAE’s multi-billion dollar food industry.

Food industry officials in the United Arab Emirates plan launching blockchain-based supply chain in order to facilitate the obtaining of agricultural products directly from India.

Based on official information the officials in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will employAgriota E-Marketplace, a new platform on the basis of blockchain technology and making to bridge the gap between farmers in India and the food industry in the country. Agriota makes all processes transparent and verifies the food supply chain from Indian farms to food processing companies, traders and wholesalers in the UAE.

Mainly this platform will provide Indian farmers with the possibility to connect directly with food industry companies in the UAE to offer cereal, seeds, fruits, vegetables, spices and condiments. Based on the information from the country’s Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, India exported more than $1 billion of food products to the UAE in 2019.

According to Pavan Kapoor, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE, the country plans enhancing food security and prompts agricultural business facilitation and bring the country to the leading positions in the sphere of food indusrty

Agriota will offer secured transactions through a multi-level escrow structure.

A number of blockchain firms cooperate with the agriculture industry to increase efficiency and help farmers to get higher returns.

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