In the tries to discover the secrets of Bitcoin blocks

Satoshi Nakamoto has mined 1.1M Bitcoin on single PC

Sergio Dermain Lerner, a researcher who is interested at mining elements of the original Bitcoin (BTC) miner, has decided to check the Bitcoin blocks mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

The research of Lerner is based on the irregular element of the Least-Significant-Byte (LSB) of the nonce field of block.

In June 2020 Lerner has started to conduct blog where he had been describing  his original research from 2013.

He told that for some reason Satoshi decided not to mine in the first five minutes of the block interval. Others have touched this aspect of Lerner research as well. As for TechMiX, all the blocks mined by Satoshi could be divided into five slots taking into account the frequency distribution of the Nonce LSB values.

Nonce LSB value. Taken from: TechMiX.

An occasional code gets violated when each try of mining puzzle solving takes place.  It gives ground to think that Satoshi’s equipment did not use the available occasional code space but has been taking into account the limited range only. Lerner’s latest research states that Satoshi had been decreasing the price of occasional code:

It turned out that re-mining reveals a strong tendency of the Patoshi mining algorithm to choose higher nonces when scanning the inner nonce. This tendency suggests the nonce was being decremented, which is the opposite that the Satochi client version 0.1 does.

This statement causes more interesting saying that might finish the discussion about the type of equipment used by Satoshi Nakamoto:

Since the nonce imbalance decreases when analyzing two subranges together, this suggests Patoshi was scanning the 5 subranges in parallel, but each subrange internally sequentially. This contradicts a theory that Patoshi deployed the first mining farm of 50 independent computers (or any other highly decoupled system) and supports the theory that Patoshi was simply multi-threading in a high-end CPU.

If Lerner’s conclusions are true they might confirm the idea that Satoshi Nakamoto is single person not a team: and destroy the statements of Craig Write about the usage of dozens of PC for BTC mining.

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