Hyperion – the platform removing limitations of current digital maps

This is really amazing to see what modern interactive maps can do. However, their low speed, lack of accuracy, and high cost of maintenance make them ineffective. When systems try to use GPS for location of position, they can fail for this reason.

Not all business data includes the location components despite the fact that this is a fundamental element for enriching business data sets. This data helps to obtain a more profound analysis. This is why Hyperion is needed. In the opinion of the founder, a map-based public chain is the bottom of the whole blockchain.
Blockchain can improve digital maps. It addresses all issues and creates a fast, trustworthy global mapping system that is private for end users at the same time.
Hyperion makes maps available for all and implies the precision of location.
Innovation is impossible without location data beginning from the spheres where accuracy of location and routing is the basis of their value such as Uber, for instance, to advertising technologies that can address the targeted audience better with advanced blockchain technologies.
Taking into account that users face such problems as wrong location and high maintenance costs, Hyperion can eliminate them easily.

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