Hyperion has made upgrades to its economic model

Hyperion has updated its previous version of the economic model and came up with new improvements.
The company has made adjustments to the scaling cycle in order to synchronize it with mainnet launch. It will help to make its Map3nodes split with less staking requirement. It was made with the goal to deepen the degree of the Map3 decentralized network. According to the team of developers it can be achieved with a bigger number of Map3 nodes and microstakers that will strengthen the security of the network and make it more stable with expanded staking amount in Atlas layer over the scaling period.
Hyperion Economic Model v.2.0 was released two months ago, which embedded Static and Dynamic structures and introduced the token burning model encouraging more people to join the ecosystem and host Map3 and Atlas nodes for the creation of a decentralized platform based on map services.
Hyperion is a protocol that was designed with a goal to build a decentralized economy on map services. The platform tries to create the universal infrastructure of maps that is necessary for the Internet of Things and self-driving cars. Taking into account the fact that there are more than a trillion calls to map services on a daily basis in the world, the potential of the market is huge.

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