How many bitcoins you have before banking crisis

Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki is confident that the actions of the US Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are bringing a serious banking crisis closer, and it’s time to invest in Bitcoin.

He noted that legendary investor Warren Buffett has cut positions in the shares of leading US banks. The reason for this decision, Kiyosaki believes that these financial institutions “are already bankrupt.”
“A massive banking crisis is fast approaching”, he said.

In his opinion, it doesn’t matter what the FRS and the Ministry of Finance are doing: they take control of the banking system or continue to distribute “fake helicopter money” to the population.

“There is no time to think about it. How much gold, silver, bitcoins do you have?”, asked the entrepreneur.

Earlier, he said that he increased investments in these assets and predicted the first cryptocurrency to grow to $75,000 in the next three years. Kiyosaki also predicted the “death of the dollar” due to the Fed’s actions.

Recall, commenting on Buffett’s actions, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Jason Williams expressed confidence that the implacable critic of bitcoin will sooner or later add the asset to his investment portfolio.

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