How crypto scammers might gain control on your YouTube account. Story from professional YouTuber

Despite the fact that the scammers are very inventive when selecting the ways of fraud schemes and lot of people are aware of them one of the popular YouTuber with 2.43 million registered users explained has his channel had been taken by thieves to start XPR giveaway campaign.

In his video interview David Damasceno, the owner of Universo Curioso, explained how thieves get complete control of his account having received contact request from a person who has offered video editing tool.

The fake software was called Zenium Editor, which the option of adv profit control. So, when Damasceno downloaded and installed the app, his channel has been damaged by the malware.

Afterward, the channel speaking about historum cuklture and science had been flooded with several live broadcasts related to XRP giveaways in exchange for the sum from 2,000 to 150,000 XRP.

But this has not stopped scammers and they asked for $10,000 worth in Bitcoin (BTC) as a ransom for regaining access to Universo Curioso.

Later Damasceno regained access and deleted malicious video without paying nothing.

YouTube is the popular discussion topic among crypto industry experts as such persons as Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, have actively accused YouTube of  non-thorough monitoring of possible scams.

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