Hot from media: the teenager accused of Twitter hacking has 3 million USD stored in BTC

According to Tampa Bay Times information, Gram Clark who has been detained based on the accusation of Twitter hacking has more than 3 million USD stored in BTC. The attorney of 17 years old American informed about this fact

Gram is accused of social media hacking during which he posted fake messages about BTC giveaways from the accounts of well-known persons and companies. The estimated loss from his actions makes around 120000 USD.

The attorney did not mention the money source but assured that he does not doubt its legacy. In 2019 Clark appeared in criminal proceeding during which he has been expropriated 400 BTC ( around 4,47 million USD based on current exchange rate) and 15000USD in cash. After, the owner has got back fiat equivalent and 300BTC.

On Saturday the court has appointed Clark the bail amounting to $725 000, though the prosecutor insisted on the amount of 1 million USD. Based on Florida laws the accused has to pay 10% from the bail sum to get released.

Prosecutor became doubtful about teenager funds legacy

The media mentions the prosecutor’s comment:

“Bearing in mind the accused actions we can assume that each penny he has available is illegal. We are speaking about millions of dollars”

Prosecutors are also sure that the accused has hired 22- years old Mina Fazelli and 19 years old Mayson Sheppard. Both suspects got detained and their case is reviewed on the federal level. The court proceeding on Clark passes based on state laws taking into account his being underaged. The accused first appeared before the court of Florida via video conference on Saturday

Just to remind that Twitter hacking has caused the compromise of 45 accounts of well-known persons such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and others.

Later the company representatives informed that the hackers have got access to the social media interior instruments via fishing at the company stuff cell phones. 

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