Hong Kong officials caught Bitcoin ATM Thieves

Stealing digital coins showing up to people?

Hong Kong has been recently marked by rather in precedent event of the detention of three persons after they took $226,000 HKD from BTC cash dispensers in Hong Kong.

The detained male trio, aged from 26 to 55, visited six different ATM urging it to dispense around 30 thousand USD in HKD equivalent. The entire sum has been taken during 11 transactions.

Based on the South China Morning Post article information these men belong to large scale criminal group.

Two crypto exchanges have invented new fraud schemes prior to the arrests. Wilson Tam, superintendent of Hong Kong’s cyber security and technology crime bureau, did not mention the exact robbery methods but told that ATM owners had been advised on the security measures to prevent such situation in future.

Based on Tam information it has been the first time when the robbery had been linked to BTC ATM

The amount of Bitcoin ATMs in the world makes 8,000 as per June 2020 and BTC has become the logical target for criminals due to price increase.

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