Goldman Sachs seriously thinks over new token

According to the CNBC report, Matthew McDermott, the new Goldman new digital asset global head has emphasized the banks’ activities related to the research of their digital token.

He said that they are researching commercial efficiency of creating their fiat digital token and think over their further sphere of application.
Last month Goldman Sachs has changed strategy department director. The new director is Oli Harris, who has been the developer in JPMorgan’s blockchain, Quroum, and its stable coin, JPMCoin.
McDermott mentioned that he is already developing the plan on how blockchain might help to save in repo the system of money lending one to another, and credit and mortgage markets.
Another unprecedented statement has been about the fact that Goldman Sachs should cooperate with its adversary JPM and Facebook in frames of future digital initiatives.
Taking into account the aforementioned initiatives McDermott mentioned his plans to expand the digital assets team both in Europe and Asia.

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