Glassnode: large-scale players lose control on BTC

According to analytical service data the share of cryptocurrency being at casual users’ wallets has significantly increased, while large scale players have lost their positions in this sphere.

Large scale players gradually cede BTC control to wholesale investors, mentioned Glassnode in their Twitter account. Industry experts think that within recent five years the share of the first cryptocurrency, being stored at the wallets of market small scale participants has grown from 5,1 to 13,8%. It goes about traders with having less than 10BTC, while the share of “big fish” with the stores ranging from 100 to 100 thousand coins has decreased from 62,9 to 49,8%.

The head of Blockstream Adam Back mentioned that the price of BTC will become 300 000 USD within 5 years. This will happen because more and more people pay attention to cryptocurrency due to current crisis and money value decrease.

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